Colon Cancer Treatment London

What happens if polyps or colon cancer is detected?

Most polyps detected at colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy are small and easily and safely removed at the time of the procedure. This is done with special instruments passed through the endoscope using mainly heat current. There is a small risk of bleeding (which usually stops on its own) and an even smaller risk of perforation of the colon. This risk is mainly present when larger polyps are being removed.

If a cancer is detected, samples will be taken and sent for analysis to confirm the diagnosis. Rarely, a cancer can be safely removed and cured through the endoscope, in the same manner as polyps, but in most cases, an operation will be needed. A CT or MRI scan is used to make sure there has not been spread of the tumour outside the wall of the colon and a referral will be made to a colorectal surgeon for consideration of surgery.

What is the prognosis when colon cancer is diagnosed?

The success of treatment for colon cancer very much depends on how early it is detected. 5 year survival rates from colon cancer are much less when the tumour has spread beyond the wall of the colon (Dukes grades C and D), reasonably good for tumours reaching but not breaking the outside wall (Grade B) and excellent for those limited to the innermost lining (A). Unfortunately, when symptoms have developed, many are already grade C, emphasising the importance of screening for colon cancer.

Should I have a test for colon cancer?

If you are worried, either about general risk or because you have some symptoms or, for example, a family history, ask your doctor about being referred for testing. A consultation with one of our doctors would tell you if you need testing and the relevant tests performed quickly and accurately.

Why Colon Cancer treatment at London Bridge Digestion?

At London Bridge Digestion we can offer expert advice on your risk of colon cancer and on the need for investigations when any symptoms have developed such as rectal bleeding or a change in bowel habit. We have recognised experts in colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy and undertake these tests in a state-of-the-art endoscopy unit.


How do I get treatment?

To get further information or treatment, please contact one of our consultants at The London Bridge Digestion centre, on:

tel: +44 (0) 20 7403 3814